A fantastic tram-ride in Budapest

You can buy tickets to hop-on-hop-off buses in Budapest. You can pay a private guide to show you around. Or, you can buy a single ticket for the public transportation and enjoy a ride with tram 2 in Budapest.

tram 2 budapest
The route of tram 2 in Budapest

Let us get started right away. The best way to start the tour is by heading for the Margaret Bridge. The bridge is located a bit north of the Hungarian Parliament. You can, of course, start by jumping on the tram from the Rakoczi Bridge (or the Petöfi Bridge, or the Liberty bridge instead), but as you join us on this trip, we will start from the Margaret Bridge (name of the stop is Jaszai Mari tér).

Let’s get started with the panoramic tram ride in Budapest

As you board tram line 2 in Budapest, do not forget to validate your ticket first. The people inspecting tickets are not known to be tourist-friendly. As a consequence, lots of people have ended up paying unnecessary fines, even if they didn’t intend to do anything wrong at all. Again, validate your ticket. You can not buy a ticket on the tram, so you need to bring a ticket with you (you can buy from vending machines, from small kiosks, and in all metro stations).

Tram line 2 in Budapest - Source: Pixabay
Tram line 2 in Budapest – Source: Pixabay

You do not need to travel for a long time with tram 2 before you see this magnificent building ahead of you! The Hungarian Parliament is the building, and it is one of the most beautiful of them all in Budapest.

Hungarian Parliament
The Hungarian Parliament

Depending on who tells you about the building, you will hear that it was constructed sometime between 1884 and 1903, and it was designed by Imre Steindl. It is very inspired by the British Parliament building, but it ended up even nicer than its source of inspiration!

There has been a lot of construction work on the Hungarian Parliament building, but it is now mostly finished. As a result, it is shining on all sides (earlier it has been almost black due to dirt). The building is fantastic all times of the day, but it is at its most amazing after sunset with the big lights turned on!

As the tram drives next to the Parliament you will see two other beautiful buildings. These were all part of a design competition at the end of the 19th century, but they both lost the competition to the present Parliament building. Instead of throwing away the drawings, they decided to build both the buildings as well. The first building you see is the home of the Ethnographic museum while the second building belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Museum of Ethnography and Ministry of Agriculture in Budapest
Museum of Ethnography and Ministry of Agriculture in Budapest – Source: Pixabay

Once you leave the Parliament and the other buildings behind you, the tram will take you along the River Danube again. You will be met by a stunning view in all directions as the tram moves on towards the Chain Bridge, the most famous of all bridges in Budapest. But, before we pass by the Chain Bridge, let us take a look across the Danube to enjoy the view of several beauties.

A nice Danube Panorama to the right

As we look to the right we will see four different structures that should be highlighted. Take a look at the picture beneath to see which those buildings are.

Panorama towards the Buda side from tram line 2 - Source: Pixabay
Panorama towards the Buda side from tram line 2 – Source: Pixabay

Down by the Danube on the Buda side you can see the Szilágyi Dezső Square Reformed Church. It was built between 1893 and 1895, and it is well known for its special shape, and the beautiful Zsolnay tiles on the roof.

As you look further up you can see three interesting structures next to one another. The one marked as number two on the picture is the Fishermen’s Bastion. This was built at the start of the 20th century, designed by the Miklos Ybl. While working on the Fishermen’s Bastion, he was also leading the work of renovating the Matthias Church (number 3), a church that was originally built in the 13th century. This church is the favorite church of many who visit Budapest, not only because of its interior, but because of the fantastic Zsolnay tiles on the roof, and that you can visit the tower and enjoy one of the best views in Budapest from the top.

The Matthias Church seen up-front.
The Matthias Church from up-front. The Hilton Hotel is to the left of the church.

Number four on the picture is the Hilton Hotel. This is a debated building, as many feel as if it shouldn’t be there. It is, however, a very special building due to the fact that it was constructed onto the remains of a Dominican monastery from the 15th century. As you enter the hotel, you can still see the ruins of the original building, making this one of the most special Hilton hotels in the world.

The beautiful Chain Bridge and the Castle

The tram ride from the Parliament to the Chain Bridge doesn’t take more than 1-2 minutes, so you will not have a long time to study the buildings we have just described. Soon you will get into a little tunnel taking you to the other side of the Chain Bridge. But, do not forget to take a closer look at the bridge before you drive beneath it. This was the first permanent bridge constructed between Buda and Pest. It was finished in 1849, and it has been one of the most famous landmarks in Budapest ever since. It was destroyed in 1945 (Second World War), but was quickly fixed and was ready for use again in 1949.

Chain Bridge and the Castle
The Chain Bridge and the Castle – Source: Pixabay

Now it is time to look to the Buda side again. On the top of the hill on the other side, you can see the Buda Castle. It was originally constructed in the 13th century. It has served several kings and flourished especially during the reign of King Matthias in the 15th century. During the Second World War, it was heavily damaged, but most of the damages were fixed during the Communist reign. Today the Castle is the home of the National Gallery, Budapest Historical Museum, and the National Library. In addition, it is a very popular venue for festivals and other popular events.

The Elisabeth Bridge and the Gellert Hill

In front of us, we can now see a white bridge, better known as the Elisabeth bridge. It was originally constructed in 1903, and it was the largest suspension bridge in the world as it was finished.  Just like the Chain Bridge, it was destroyed during the Second World War. The citizens of Budapest had to wait for more than 20 years for this bridge to be reconstructed.

On the Buda side of the bridge, we can see a statue portraying Bishop Gellert. He was on his way to Jerusalem as a pilgrim in the 11th century, when Hungary’s first king (Stephan), convinced him to stay. Gellert stayed in Hungary, but after the death of King Stephen, he was taken captive by rebellions trying to get rid of Christianity, and he was thrown down the hill in a barrel (and died).

On the top of the hill, you can see the Citadel and the liberty statue. This hill has been used for thousands of years, but the citadel (fortress) was built between 1850-1854. The statue portraying a lady with a palm branch in her hands was built after the Second World War in honor of the Communist soldiers who liberated Budapest (the construction was ordered by the Soviets, so the Hungarian didn’t have the chance of saying no to the job). The Gellert Hill is maybe the nicest place in Budapest if you want to take stunning panorama shots of the city, both during daytime and by night.

The Liberty Statue at the Gellért hill
The Liberty Statue at the Gellért hill

You will now quickly reach the green bridge, the Liberty Bridge. This was the third bridge built between Buda and Pest and it was finished by the end of the 19th century. Since the tram will drive into a tunnel to get beneath the bridge you cannot actually see the building, but on the Pest side next to the tram line, you can now find the famous Market Hall, a must-see place while in Budapest.

You cannot see it from the tram, but it is there - The Great Market Hall.
You cannot see it from the tram, but it is there – The Great Market Hall.

As the tram moves on, you can see the Gellert hotel on the Buda side, and almost next to it, the Technical University. But, just as interesting is the building on the Pest side built in the shape of a whale. This is often referred to by locals as the whale (Bálna), and it is a cultural center with some nice shops, and several restaurants and bars. It is a nice place to sit down and have something to eat and drink while enjoying the view of the Danube and the city.

The Whale shaped building in Budapest
Here you can see the whale-shaped building, the Bálna – Source: Pixabay

The end of the tram ride is approaching, but there are still a few more things worth noticing. First, we will pass beneath the Petőfi bridge (named after a famous Hungarian poet who lived in the 19th century). On the Pest side, you can now see a whole lot of newly built buildings. It is a modern area with new flats and quite a lot of offices. But, do not be fooled, and do not leave the tram yet. You will soon reach the final stop, and Budapest has some goodies left for you, just take a look at the picture.

The National Theater in Budapest and the Palace of Arts
The National Theater and the Palace of Arts – Source: Pixabay

As the tram ride ends, you will end up next to the Palace of Arts (to the right) and the National Theater (to the left). These are some magnificent buildings that were built quite recently (between 2000 and 2005). They are extraordinary buildings, but most people would say that they are most impressive by night, just look at the picture above again.

Now that the tram ride has ended

The tram ride has now ended, and you have just enjoyed a very cheap panoramic tour of Budapest. But, you are far away from the city center by now, so you should probably just remain on the tram and enjoy the ride back to the city center. You will then have one more chance to pick up on those attractions you didn’t really have the time to see during the first ride.

Do not forget that this is a ride you should do both during daytime and nighttime. As you can see, lots of the pictures are portraying Budapest by night, and the city is even more beautiful then. If you want to save even more money, you could do this tram ride instead of a River Cruise on the Danube. Most cruises travel between the Margaret Bridge (where the tram ride started) and the Rakoczi Bridge (where the tram trip ended), so you will see exactly the same. It might be better and easier to spot everything from the Danube, but if you are on a budget, this is a fantastic tram ride that will let you discover Budapest on your own without spending more than 1 Euro.

Doesn’t this sound like a treat when you come to Budapest? Have you tried it? Have you got any questions? We would love to hear your comments, thoughts, and questions.

The most romantic places in Budapest

Budapest is truly one of the most romantic cities in Europe which has the most beautiful and romantic spots and has countless programs for the love couples during a holiday. So in this article we will list some of the nicest place in Budapest.

Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion) which is located on the Castle hill and it is one of the nicest spot in the city which was built in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style. From the Fisherman’s Bastion there is a breathtaking panoramic view over the city, the Danube, the bridges and the Parliament as well.

Fishermens Bastion
Fishermens Bastion

Another charming place in Budapest is the Feneketlen-tó which is located on the Buda side nearby to one of the centres Móricz Zsigmond körtèr. What can be more romantic than walking by the lake where ducks and other animals gather!?

Our other favourite is Füvèszkert which is located in the heart of the city. It is especially recommended for the lovers of flowers and different plants. Apart from the various beautiful plants and flowers Füvèszkert has a nice cafe house and a restaurant which is a perfect place to finish your romantic day.

If you are into baths then you most visit one of the baths Budapest has. Probably one of the most popular one is the Szèchenyi bath which is located on the Pest side in the City Park. The bath has 9 pools of different temperatures and the bath also offers various massages as well.

Apart from these Budapest has thousands of other places, restaurants and hotels for a perfect romantic holiday.

Top 12 hotels in Budapest according to Gault and Millau

In this article we will list the best hotels in the capital of Hungary. Budapest is a really popular city in Europe and it is visited by millions of people from all around the world every year. It is definitely one of the nicest cities in whole Europe. Budapest has a lot of activities, programs and attractions to show the tourist and of course it has several luxurious hotels as well. We will list some of the best hotels in Budapest in this article according to the list of Gault and Millau.

The number one hotel from the list is the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace. Four Seasons is absolutely one of the most luxurious hotels in Budapest. The hotel is a five star hotel located in the central of Budapest in the Gresham Palace which was completed in 1906, alongside the Danube and it is really close to the best places in the city. It has a beautiful view over the city, the Chain Bridge and the hills of Buda and the Castle from the hotel. The hotel has several services to offer to the visitors and the hotel has its own spa where you can choose from the different treatments and massages.

Four Seasons Gresham Budapest
Four Seasons Gresham Budapest

The second hotel we will write about is the Boscolo New York Palace Hotel. The Boscolo New York Palace Hotel is also a five star hotel in the heart of Budapest on the Pest side of the city. It is also truly the best of bests hotel with lots of services to choose from. The staff is friendly and helpful and the design of the hotel is remarkable. Boscolo also has its own luxurious spa. The hotel provides free wifi access to the visitors.

Kempinski Corvinus Hotel Budapest is another luxurious five star hotel in the central of Budapest. This hotel also offers the best services such as the own spa, restaurant and the best hotel rooms and room services as well. At the spa there are plenty of treatments and different pools, steam cabin, sauna and even a fitness studio is waiting for the visitors. The five star hotel is located in the central of Budapest near to some of the well known attractions of the city. There is also free wifi in the hotel.

The Le Mèridien Budapest luxurious five star hotel is based also in the heart of Budapest just at Deák Ferenc tér. From the hotel the main attractions of the city such as the Parliament, the Synagogue which is the largest in Europe and the St. Stephan’s Basilica take only a few minutes on foot. The hotel has its own restaurant, bar and spa. The spa is located on the 8th floor with an indoor swimming pool under a glass roof. The spa also has sauna, different massage rooms, steam cabin and fitness room for free for the hotel guests. There is also free wifi connection in the hotel and rooms.

Le Meridien Budapest

The Corinthia Hotel Budapest is located in the heart of Budapest and it is also a luxurious and elegant five star hotel. It is a perfect choice for a holiday the hotel offers plenty of services and the staff is helpful and friendly. The hotel has a small, tiny and clean spa which gives a perfect time to relax after a long day exploring the city. From the hotel there is an easy access to the most visited spots in the city. In the hotel there is free wifi access to the guests.

These were the five best hotels in Budapest but there are other 5 and 4 star hotels on the list of Gault and Millau located also in the heart of the city with the best services and luxury such as Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge, Budapest Marriott Hotel, Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest, InterContinental Budapest and the 4 star hotels Palazzo Zichy Hotel Budapest, Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace and the Continental Hotel Budapest.

To find out more about Budapest hotels, and read which hotels we believe to be the best five star hotels in Budapest, click here. If you want to know which are the best restaurants in Budapest according to Gault and Millau, click here.

If you like this list, agree or disagree, please write your thoughts in a comment!

The best restaurants in Budapest

The capital of Hungary is a really popular destination for vacation and every year millions of people are coming to Budapest to have a unforgettable holiday. The city offers a lot of things to do during a visit and there are plenty of activities, programs and attractions to see. In Budapest there are several restaurants to go to and Gault and Millau made a list of the best restaurants in Budapest.

Gault et Millau is a French restaurant guide which rates the restaurants on a 1-20 scale, 20 is the heights. So we will list some of the best restaurants in this article according to the list of Gault et Millau. There are three restaurants from the list by Gault Millau which got the highest scores among the restaurants in Budapest.

Three best restaurants in Budapest

Best restaurants in BudapestThe first one is the Costes Restaurant which is located in the heart of Budapest really close to Kàlvin tèr and the place is in the famous street Ràday utca. It is a perfect place for a romantic dinner or business meetings as well. The service in the restaurant is excellent and it is highly recommended on other sites too. The restaurant is not among the cheapest, but the quality of the meals and the matching wines and the service is the best. The restaurant got 17 points out of 20 from Gault Millau, and this restaurant also has a Michelin star.

The second  restaurant on the list, also with 17 points, is the Onyx restaurant in the central of Budapest right at Vörösmarty tèr. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Budapest and the location of the place could not be better. It is based right at the heart of Budapest where the main shopping area is in the city. The restaurant has the most delicious meals with the matching wines. The service is really quick and friendly and the whole atmosphere and the design of the place is remarkable. It is also a perfect place for business meetings or a romantic dinner. It has one Michelin star, and the cook is the famous Tamas Szell.

The third restaurant with 17 points out of 20 from Gault et Millau is ZONA Bisztró. It is a really cozy, friendly and small restaurant also located in the heart of the city. The restaurant is based at one of the most beautiful bridges of Budapest at the Chain Bridge. The restaurant offers a wide range of foods and pairing wines to the meals. The service in the restaurant is quick and friendly. It is not the cheapest restaurants either in the city but it is highly recommended for everyone who is looking for something unique. It has high rates on every site and listed one of the best in Hungary.

Second best restaurants in Budapest

These were the best restaurants in Budapest which got 17 points out of 20 from G&M but there are plenty others as well from the list such as Alabárdos ètterem, Borkonyha, Laci!Konyha!, Olimpia Vendèglö and Salon restaurant which all got 16 points out of 20. Following these are Aranykaviár étterem, Babel, Csalogány étterem and Lou Lou restaurant which got 15 points out of 20.

It is important to know that G&M has never rated a restaurant with 20 points so far. So these restaurants are definitely the best of bests in the capital of Hungary.

What do you think? Do you have a personal favorite restaurant in Budapest? Agree og disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts!


Which are the best bars and pubs in Budapest?

There are lot of attractions and places to go on a holiday in the capital of Hungary. Budapest is a really exciting city with several bars, restaurants and pubs to go while vacation and there are a wide range of activities and festivals during the whole year in Budapest.

Szatyor Bár és Galéria
Szatyor Bár és Galéria

In the downtown of Budapest there are some nice cafes, pubs and bars on every corner and the night life of the city is always really vibrant. Every year thousands of people are coming to Budapest to be part of the exciting and unique atmosphere the city has and every year there is a new pub, bar or restaurant that just shows up different point of Budapest. So in this article we will go through one of the city’s best and most popular bars and pubs.

Szatyor Bár és Galéria is one of the most popular bars in Budapest. It is located on the Buda side and it is really close to Móricz Zsigmond körtèr which is one of the junctions of the city. It is not exactly in the clubbing zone but it is a really unique and comfortable place to have some drinks with friends. At Szatyor there are a wide range of drinks you can choose from and you can even have your dinner or lunch there. The place always offers a daily menu for favourable prices and they cook really delicious meals. The bar has good quality alcoholic drinks and a wide range of meals which are changing seasonally.

Szimpla Kert is a really famous place in Budapest. It attracts a lot of people every day and it is one of the most popular ruin pubs among the tourists. The pub is placed in the really heart of Budapest and it is located in one of the old houses in the inner city. It is a good place to get together with friends and drink one or two drinks. The pub also offers a range wide of unique and colourful programs such as film festivals and exhibitions. At Szimpla you can also have a snack if you got hungry, they sell carrots, pizzas and other interesting foods.

Another popular place among the locals and foreigners is Anker club which is based also in the centre of Budapest. It is located really close to Király utca which is one of the main street of the night life of Budapest. Anker club is a really nice bar and pub to go to even at the day time but it is also a perfect choice if you want to start your night near by other pubs, bars and the best clubs in the city. At the bar you can not only drink but you can try the most delicious meals for a good price. Anker club also offers a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks for the night.


Kolor is one of the fanciest places in Budapest nowadays. It is based also in the central of Budapest in Király utca really closed to Anker club. The bar offers a wide range of foods and drinks. The price of the meals and the drinks are a little more expensive than at the other places but the location of the bar is perfect just next to all the other fancy bars, pubs and restaurants in the heart of Budapest. It is also really popular among the locals and foreigners. It is a perfect place to go and have lunch or dinner and to have the best night during your visit.

Keksz is a nice little bar also located in the centre of Budapest. The interior of the bar is really nice and sweet and gives a really nice and unique atmosphere. Keksz is more like an eating out place not a pub. The prices of the food are reasonable and the food they cook is really delicious. There are a wide range of meals you can choose from starting from the most common breakfasts in Hungary such as scrambled eggs and sandwiches to the best hamburgers and salads. The place is highly recommended to everyone who wants to have a nice night out with good quality food and drink for the best price.

These are some of the best bars and pubs in Budapest, but there are of course tons of other places worth visiting as well. Maybe the most famous bar in Budapest is the one located in the A38 boat, located next to the Petöfi Bridge, voted as the number 1 bar in the world by Lonely Planet readers in 2013.

What do you think? If you have thoughts, warnings, recommendations, write a comment and share what is on your mind!

Sweet dreams in Budapest

In our next compilation we would like to inform you about five hidden and lovely coffee shops and stores in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. These places are not part of the guidebooks, but the reason is not because they don’t deserve to be there, but their charm is that they are not full with tourists. If you like to know more about the sweet dreams, read our article about these five special places.

1. Azték Choxolat

The lovely coffee shop/chocolate store located at a hidden place. If you are in the National Museum’s area, you should definitely go into the 22 Károly Boulevard, where you can find the Azték Choxolat. Don’t be afraid, the coffee shop located in a building’s yard, so feel free yourself and go into the gate, follow the tables. At the Choxolot, you can buy special spicy chocolates and lots of different hot chocolates.

2. Cukorka (Candy)

We recommend this place mostly for those, who don’t fear for their teeth. The operators of this place are the students of one of the most outstanding art university, the MoME. They also make the candys. Mostly you can buy sweets like the famous candy cane here, but not only in Christmas style. Moreover, you can taste the delicious lollypops too. The location of the store is not complicated; it is close to the Azték Choxolat, near to the National Museum, at 7 Múzeum Boulevard. This address is close to Astoria, and this store also located in a building’s yard.

Sugar in Budapest

3. Sugar Shop

Let’s talk about a little bit more about candy. The Sugar Shop located at 48 Paulay Ede Street. The easiest way to reach this place is from Opera, Andrássy Avenue. At Sugar Shop you really can buy everything, what you want: Smarties, Skittles, lollypops, lots of different sweets, so you definitely will find your favorite. The design of the place is also memorable, you should see it.

4. Sirius Tea House

Leave the candy and let’s talk about something mysterious. Our next place what we want to show you is the Sirius Tea House. The address is 13 Bródy Sándor Street, what also located at center city, near to Astoria, at Uránia. The tea house’s entrance is not showy; it’s only a little note on the door, what inform you that you are at the right place. It could happen that you read Altair instead of Sirius, but don’t be afraid; the two names are one place. Special teas, huge selection, comfort and water pipe welcome the guests here. The most nervous people become peaceful here.

5. Nagyi Palacsintázója (Granny’s pancake shop)

The last star of our list is not a real hidden place, but it’s really Hungarian and delicious. This is Nagyi Palacsintázója. You can find this lovely place at several place in the center city, for example at Buda, at Széll Kálmán Square, Batthyányi Square and at Óbuda, near to the Auchan shopping center. At Pest you can run into the tasty Hungarian pancake specialties in the popular Westend City Center and in district 5 at Petőfi Sándor Street. Good appetite!

We hope, this list make sweet your and partners’ time in Budapest. You can choose any of the listed places, of maybe all of them, and you won’t be disappointed!

Bookstore Cafés and Cinema Coffee Houses in Budapest

As a fanatic reader and tea lover I love the bookstores in Budapest that have a café inside. One of my favorite activities on a Saturday afternoon is to pull up a chair and to start reading a good book while enjoying my cup of tea with a slice of cake in one of the bookstore cafés. These are a few of my favorite bookstore cafés that I would like to share with you:

Massolit ( Nagy Diófa utca 30): This café and English bookstore café offers interesting books in the area of politics, history and Jewish studies and has a great selection of non-fiction books as well. Besides that they serve delicious cookies and tea and coffee in various seasonal blends. Massolit has a cozy and antique interior with turquoise wooden windows and black and granite tiles.

Litea (Hess András tér 4): It is pretty large with big bookshelves containing a lot of books to choose from! The books are available in many foreign languages. You can end up spending hours at this place, sitting down to write postcards to your loved ones (they have these lovely arty Budapest postcards), reading a book and enjoying many cups of tea or coffee.

Treehugger Dan’s (Csengery utca 48): This is a little but cozy bookstore. Here you can enjoy tasty Fair Trade teas and coffees while you already start to read the book that you would like to buy. This bookstore café does not give you the feeling that you have to buy a book. It is fine to sit down and to wind down after a busy workday by enjoying a good book and a cup of tea.

Cinema Coffee Houses in Budapest

If you are a movie lover instead of a bookworm (or both) then Budapest has a lot to offer for you as well. You can of course visit the many cinemas in Budapest (foreign movies are subtitled, so you can enjoy the latest movies here). However, you can also go to the following cinema coffee houses where you can besides enjoying your drinks also watch a movie with your friends.

Toldi Mozi cinema and coffee house (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38): Many times they show movies in English. It has a laid-back atmosphere and the colorful couches bring a touch of happiness into the room.

Kino Art cinema and coffee house (Szent István körút 16) : This cinema and coffee house is located next to the Víg Theatre on Szent István Avenue. Here you can watch the latest independent movies. They bake delicious homemade cakes and tarts in the café that are definitely worth a try once you are there. It is a nice place to drop by, to watch a movie and to discuss it with your friends over a glass of wine, cup of coffee or a beer. It has a friendly atmosphere and once you have visited this place you will never stop going there.

Chocobar for the chocoholics

Chocobar Noir (Csengery utca 48)If you are not a tea or coffee lover but you love chocolate then you definitely have to go to Café Noir! You will love it! It has all sorts of chocolates and chocolate drinks. So if you are a chocoholic, what more do I need to say? Let’s go!


These were my recommendations. Now I will make a nice cup of tea for myself, because writing about tea makes me want to drink a good cup of tea! If you have other favorite bookstore cafés or cinema coffee houses, please share your recommendations by commenting on this article.





Budapest best – the best five of Budapest!

In today’s world people turn quite lazy and when searching in Google they end up typing Budapest best, a very strange „expression” instead of typing for example Best of Budapest. In a time when everyone uses such strange expressions surfing the internet it has a quite strange influence on the written language, and it is strange when you see smiley faces and other internet abbreviations in official letters and work communication around the world.

In the city of Budapest there are several highlights and incredible places to see, restaurants to visit and activities to enjoy, but in this article our aim is to present what we consider to be Budapest best or in a more normal way to write it, the best of Budapest. This list is of course a list of my personal favorites (Budablogger), so I guess you might disagree at several points, and if you do, feel free to write a comment about it, but if not I believe that you might find the list both amusing and interesting and maybe also inspiring if you have not been to Budapest yet.

In this list I have decided only to list the five best of Budapest, so maybe in another blog post I will focus in on the top 10 attractions or maybe top 10 activities of Budapest, but here I will simply list the overall best of Budapest. The list will consist of the best five of Budapest, so keep on reading, and let us start with the place listed as number five on my list named Budapest best!

Budapest best – nr. 5: The view from the Margaret Bridge

The first object on my list presenting the best of Budapest is the view from the Margaret Bridge, the second oldest bridge between Buda and Pest finalised in 1876. It was designed by Ernest Gouin who worked together with Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty in New York (source: Budapest Guide). The view from the bridge is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and from here you can see the Chain Bridge, the Hungarian Parliament, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Matthias Church, the Castle, the Gellért Hill and much more. The view is at its best from the middle of the bridge, and if you plan a visit to the bridge, make sure to do it after the sunset, because then you can see Budapest at its most beautiful.

Budapest best – nr. 4: The view from the Gellért Hill

The panorama along the Danube is what makes Budapest one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Few cities can brag about such a beautiful river and marvelous buildings on both sides of it. One of the special places to visit along the Danube is the Gellért Hill, located on the Buda side between the Liberty Bridge and the Elisabeth Bridge. It has had an important part in the Hungarian history and today visitors can drop by Second World War museum at the top of the hill, drink some champagne at the outdoor cafe/bar/restaurant or eat a nicer meal at the Panorama restaurant. Still the symbol of the hill is the liberty monument which can be seen from almost all parts of Budapest, originally raised in honor of the Communist liberators (the Hungarians were forced to build it), but today it stands commemorating the heroes who sacrificed their lives for Hungarian liberty. The statue and the citadella on the hill is illuminated in the evenings so it is beautiful to look at, but it is even more beautiful to stand at the hill and look out towards the Danube and both the Buda and the Pest side. Our advice is to visit the Gellért Hill in the evening, and take a scroll around the entire top of the hill. The hill has a piece of bad rumor among locals, so young girls should not walk alone, but in general nothing ever happens here, but it is better to be a bit too careful!

Budapest best – nr. 3: The Goulash soup

When you come to Budapest there is one thing you will find in almost all restaurants and as a part of all menus used as standard menus for tourists… the Goulash soup. Many people ask if the Goulash is a soup or more of a stew in Hungary, because in Prague it is more of a stew. But, when you come to Budapest and Hungary the Goulash as people mention it always deals with a soup. There are some different versions of the soup when it comes to ingredients, but in general it always starts with Hungarian pepper, onion and oil, and later potatoes, carrots and beef meat is added to it, together with other delicious stuff. The tourist version is very „thin” and not to tasty, but the real grandmother version of the Goulash soup in Budapest is packed with ingredients, it has a very good soup (the water feels thick and tasty) and it makes you extremely full if you get a large portion. There are several places in Budapest where you can get a good Goulash soup, but my personal favorite is the one at Lazar Equastrian Park (outside Budapest).

Budapest best – nr. 2: The Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

When considering what five things to add to my best of Budapest list I wondered whether I should add the Hungarian Parliament or St. Stephen’s Basilica. I am a big fan of both of them, but in the end I made up my mind and the Hungarian Parliament became the winner. The building is magnificent both on the inside and the outside, and it shines like a real diamond in the Hungarian capital. Of course, the Parliament looks best from the Danube, or from the Batthyány tér on the Buda side of the Danube, but when watching it from Kossuth tér on the Pest side you can see the greatness of the building as well. From the Buda side it is clean and majestic, while it looks more dirty from the Pest side, but all in all a real beautiful neo-gothic building. It has quite some similarities to the Parliament in London, but in our eyes it is much more beautiful. Since 2011 it also has a fairy tale like illumination in the nighttime, so do not miss out on that one!

Budapest best – nr. 1: The City Park

Why should someone make the City Park the number one place in Budapest? I have debated the question myself, but as I prepared writing this article I wondered whether I should add the Széchenyi Fürdő (thermal bath) to the top list. I also considered adding Budapest Zoo to the list, and in fact the Vajdahunyad Castle could also end up on such a list presenting the Budapest best. In the end the smart idea came to my mind, and I joined them together and made the City Park (Városliget) the winner. The area has something very few large European cities has, an enormous park area ideal for families with children where they can spend several days, making Budapest a perfect destination for families with children. Don’t get it? Consider the following. In the City Park you can find the zoo. It is a great zoo where you can easily spend 3-4 hours while watching elephants, crocodiles, spiders, snakes, butterflies, monkeys, pet some goats and eat, drink and enjoy life. As you walk out and continue your walk you will end up by the State Circus where you can see different performances (changing three times a year) at one of the few permanent circus buildings in the world. If you walk across the street you can enter into the Széchenyi Fürdő where you can enjoy 3 outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools throughout the entire year. It is made up of natural thermal water, so the hottest outdoor pool is 38 Celsius throughout the entire year. Many people are afraid that children will get bored on the inside, but the opposite is the reality. Children love this place!

As you leave the thermal bath and walk across the street again you will find a small part of the zoo again which is free to enter where you can see some more animals close up. After a small stop there you can walk further on and there you will find the Amusement Park of Budapest. It is not the best in the world at all, but if you just want a small adrenaline kick or a place where the children can hang out and have fun with a roller coaster, go-karts and similar activities, the amusement park will do it. A couple of hundred meters from the amusement park you can then find the Vajdahunyad Castle, a fairy tale castle constructed in four different styles making it especially interesting to those who love architecture and creative buildings. Inside the castle area you can find a restaurant, an Agriculture museum and some more stuff. In my eyes the City Park is a worthy winner!

Much more to see in Budapest

There are so many other things, places, sights, attractions and activities that could be listed here. Preparing to write this article I consulted friends and family and they all had suggestions to other things that could be added to the list of the best of Budapest. But, in the end I wrote the article and my ideas and thoughts are the ones featured here in my article Budapest best – Best of Budapest. You probably have comments, input or maybe you disagree or agree with what I have written, and when that is the fact, please write a comment and share your thoughts on the matter! I look forward to hearing from you, and maybe I will have to write a revised version in a while if someone manage to persuade me and make me change my mind concerning what is listed on my Budapest best list.

Ten cheap street-eats in Budapest

We have earlier written articles about five hidden attractions in Budapest worth visiting and a list presenting some activities worth trying. Now it is time to feed our stomachs, so read on and get to know 10 places where you can have a cheap street-eat while walking the streets of Budapest.

1. Tamp & Bull

This is a special café in Budapest. In Tamp and Bull you can enjoy more than a normal espresso. Here you can find coffee with exotic spices and so much more. Besides them, dear guests can eat sandwiches, teas and delicious things but it is true, that this place is firstly the coffee lovers’ perfect place.
Address: 1093, Budapest. 3 Czuczor Street (Budapest, few minute walk from the Fővám Square, from the Szabadság Bridge’s Pest bridgehead to the Petőfi Bridge)

Tamp and Bull Budapest

2. Butter Brothers

Fantastic bakery with delicious products! Special, fresh, crunchy and first of all, the products are Hungarian, for example the famous quark bag, which is the best in the city. It is totally worth to taste!
Address: 1093, Budapest. 22 Lónyai Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Kálvin Square on the Lónyai Street)

3. Pervizaj Bakery

Because we are talking about bakeries, we have to talk about one of the most delicious Serbian bakeries in Budapest too. Giant bakery products, low prices, fast service, these are what Pervizaj offers you.
Address: 1137, Budapest. 32-34 Pozsonyi Street (Budapest few minute walk from the Jászai Mari Square, from the Margaret Bridge’s Pest bridgehead on the street of McDonald’s)

4. Ica Mama’s Meat Shop

After we became full with bakery products, we need to change to meat products. In Hungary there is a famous buffet type, the Laci Kitchen. These meat shops offer you cooked meat and place for eating. One of the bests of these buffets in Budapest is Ica Mama’s Meat Shop, which has a plus advantage; this buffet has made the same delicious profile for 50 years ago at the same place. Cheap and delicious lunch, especially for meat lovers!
Address: 1114, Budapest. 64 Bartók Béla Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Móricz Zsigmond Square)

5. Leves.

If you don’t have the mood for bakery products or meat, we can offer you a place, where you can eat great appetizer: soup. Don’t think these are just simple soups, these soups are specials with changeable spices. People get their soups in paper glasses, so they can eat it anywhere, even during walk.
Address: 1053, Budapest. 14 Vámház Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Fővám Square, from Szabadság Bridge on the Vámház Street)

6. Pasta.

After we ate our soup, we should continue our lunch with the second dish; however, we should stay with the same company. The Pasta., as the Leves. offers you special dishes in paper box, but of course it is not soup, it is pasta. Moreover the two buffets are very close to each other!
Address: 1053, Budapest. 2 Kálvin Square (Budapest, Kálvin Square, almost opposite to National Museum)

7. Zing Burger

If you like hamburger, but you are sick of the popular fast food restaurants’ offers; here is your time to try something new! The Zing Burger is a mobile buffet which appears in different points of Budapest day by day, and their supply is fantastic, huge, special and cheap! If you want to know the next station of Zing Burger is, follow them on Facebook!
Address: Budapest

Zing Burger

8. Finomító Kantin

This buffet is perfect place for an exhausted tourist. There is sandwiches, soups, burgers, coffee and drinks here with good prices, but the most important is that everything is fresh! The Finomító Kantin is very proud of this virtue. You definitely should visit it, when you are in Buda!
Address: 1027, Budapest. 33 Irén Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Széna Square)

9. The Donut Library

This is the island of peace in this fast city. Donuts here are made from only fresh ingredients without any additives or colorific. You can’t get soda-pops here, but a glass of delicious syrup or fresh milk is better with the donut, isn’t it? Besides the donuts, guests get books, so they have something to scroll while they eat.
Address: 1137, Budapest. 22 Pozsonyi Street (Budapest few minute walk from the Jászai Mari Square, from the Margaret Bridge’s Pest bridgehead on the street of McDonald’s)

10. La Pizza di Mamma Sofia

We can’t make a buffet compilation without pizza! In the La Pizza di Mamma Sofia one slice of pizza is only 350 Forint, huge and very delicious! The offer is amazing, sweat, salty, small, big, but there is one common thing: they are 100% Italian!
Perfect place if you only need a bite.
Address: 1061, Budapest. 20 Király Street (Budapest, Király Street in the center city)

Pizza in budapest

Well, we hope, you like our “Street Food” compilation. These places are all cheap, special and friendly, so choose any of them and you won’t be disappointed. If you have thoughts, comments, recommendations or any other thing to say, please write a comment!

5 activities you must try while in Budapest

There are lots of compilations about what tourists have to see while in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. This article would like to give advices about what you should do, try or taste in the most amazing city of Eastern Europe.

1. Hungarian gastronomy / Langos

GastronomyFirst of all we would like to mention the Hungarian kitchen. I am sure everyone has heard about the Goulash soup. But you need to know that the Hungarian kitchen is not only about Goulash, there are better and better soups, main courses, desserts and snacks too. What you definitely should try is ‘lángos’. This traditional meal is the Hungarian pizza. Originally it is a circle shaped dough made in plenty of oil, they put garlic, sour cream and/or cheese on it. Nowadays there are lots of versions; you can get pizza lángos, gyros lángos, bacon lángos and more. If you are in Budapest and run into a buffet where they sell lángos, do not miss it, taste this delicious meal.

2. Danube Cruise

Another activity that will let you see the most basic sights of Budapest in a delightful way is a boat trip on the Danube. In Budapest there are a lot of fantastic attractions, and these are mostly located at the two sides of the Danube. Tourists can watch these walking on either the Buda side or on the Pest side, but there is a way that is much better, a Danube Cruise. You can read more about it on this website if you click here. From the famous international river there is fantastic view to both side of Budapest. The best time for this program is at the evening, when the sun goes down and Budapest’s light are on.

Like this article? Read about the Top five attractions in Budapest or read about five hidden treasures in Budapest.

3. Taste Hungarian drinks

Hungarian beerOur third recommendation relates to gastronomy enjoyments again. As most people know, Hungary is famous for its drinking culture. The Hungarian beers, wines and short drinks have worldwide fame. Dutch young people usually come to Budapest from the home of Heineken, because they enjoy the Hungarian beers more than their own. Nowadays several pubs make their own home made beers, which are very delicious and not too expensive: you can buy half liter for a price between 200 Forint and 1000 Forint (check out our Brewery Tour if this sounds cool). We need to talk about Hungarian wines too. The closest wine area to Budapest is Etyek, and this is the youngest wine region too, moreover the home to the grapes behind the most famous Hungarian champagne, Törley. Those who like strong drinks, have to try the Hungarian national drink, pálinka. This short drink made from every fruit what you can imagine, Hungarian people usually used to say: “If you can make jam from a fruit, you can make pálinka too.”. Consume it with responsibility, because it is a strong drink.

4. Visit a ruin pub

If you want to find the best place for the third point, the fourth point can help a lot. In Budapest there is a special pub type, the ruin pub. The point is that they made safe night clubs from little bit ruined, old buildings, but they left the abandoned feeling of them. These are perfect places for a drink, a good chat with friends or maybe to meet up with new people. Most ruin pubs can be found in the seventh district of Budapest, close to the Synagogue (Zsinagóga). Moreover, you can read about some of them in our website, if you click here.

Ruin pub in Budapest
Picture from RomKert in Budapest, one of the famous ruin pubs

5. Do a wine trip to Etyek

The fifth and last recommendation, what you should try while in Budapest is wine tasting in Etyek. As we mentioned in third point, Hungarian wines are famous in the entire whole world and Etyek is a very upcoming region. If you contact us, you could have an unforgettable wine tasting experience in Etyek. On such an excursion you will meet a local wine maker, see the production area, get to know how it all started and the challenges they face in the every day life, and of course – taste the best wines from their production. Etyek is first of all a white wine area, so you will mostly taste whites, but do not be surprised if a rose or a red wine should be presented as well!

We hope you liked our compilation presenting five activities you must try while in Budapest. If you don’t want to spend your whole vacation in museums, choose one or more from the list and you won’t be disappointed! Have a great time!

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