American Airlines to Budapest

As of April 2011 American Airlines will start with daily flights between New York (JFK) and Budapest. The first flight is supposed to land on April 4th on Budapest Airport. Delta Airlines has for quite a while had a direct flight between Budapest and New York, but with American Airlines joining in the competition turns […]

Cancellation updates from Ferihegy

Not long ago we always had to write about “strike at Ferihegy Airport” and all the problems this caused. Luckily no strikes are coming up nowadays, but there are problems with this vulcano again, which seems to be a returning problem all around Europe. It is not to serious this time either, but today flights […]

Ferihegy Airport runs smoothly

Some new ash from the vulcano at Iceland is causing problems again at some airports around in Europe, especially from the northern parts of Italy (like Milano) to Munich in Germany. All flights from Budapest Ferihegy Airport runs as normal, except from departures to those areas mentioned above. So far, so good – and let […]

Flight cancellations

In Norway domestic flights are back up running, but the weather forecasts makes it possible that from this evening on all flights will be cancelled again. In Hungary and in Budapest cancelled is the word to get used to. The homepage of Budapest Airpot (which is almost impossible to reach due to heavy traffic) now […]

Heavy snow expected

Last Saturday Ferihegy Airport had to be closed down for some hours due to heavy snow and bad weather in Budapest. Starting from this evening heavy snow and cold weather is again expected in Budapest and all of Hungary, so it might be that things will be delayed tomorrow. The weather is expected to last […]