American Airlines to Budapest

Ferihegy Airport
Ferihegy Airport

As of April 2011 American Airlines will start with daily flights between New York (JFK) and Budapest. The first flight is supposed to land on April 4th on Budapest Airport.

Delta Airlines has for quite a while had a direct flight between Budapest and New York, but with American Airlines joining in the competition turns harder!

Ferihegy Airport

The official press release:
The news that American Airlines is to launch a daily flight from New York JFK airport to Budapest was announced in Budapest and London at the same time.

The first American Boeing 767-300 intercontinental aircraft is planned to land at Budapest Airport on 4 April 2011. This is part of the global flight development plan, the details of which and of the trans-Atlantic cooperation of American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Airlines were announced in London this afternoon.

A piece of news closely linked to the announcement in London is that American airlines shall connect their hub in New York John F Kennedy airport to the capital of Hungary by a daily flight commencing in April 2011. As member of the One World airline association, American Airlines considers Budapest an important destination in East Europe, as passengers may continue their journeys using the network of Malév, another member of One World, from here to further destinations. Reservations for the Budapest-New York flight may be made from next week on, while Malév is preparing the so-called code-share agreement also for this flight, thus its passengers can use the network of American Airlines directly and at favorable prices.

The new trans-Atlantic flights were announced in London following the decisions of both the American and the European Union competition authorities approving the trans-Atlantic business cooperation of American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia. This means a total of 91 flights a day under the flag of One World. This also means that a strong competitor will face the two other major airline associations, Sky Team (Air France/KLM, Delta, Aeroflot, CSA etc.) and Star Alliance (Lufthansa, SAS, Continental, United, Air Canada, Austrian, Swiss etc.) on their trans-Atlantic routes.

The Budapest Airport airline development team has been working hard to add new overseas flights to the routes of the Hungarian capital for more than two years. Jost Lammers, CEO of Budapest Airport welcomed the achievement after personally being involved in the negotiations and noted the contributions made to this success by the Hungarian National Tourism Organization and Malev. “The vision of just a few people in the alliance and network planning team at American Airlines lifted the profile of Budapest within their Fort Worth headquarters as being a One World hub with significant growth potential and we are delighted with their confirmation of this big step.”

Director Aviation Kam Jandu who has been working with his colleagues to realize this project since 2009 said, “Adding another long haul carrier is an achievement in itself under the present circumstances of aviation, but more than that, the appearance of a major One World carrier in Budapest further broadens the offer, and sends a strong indication to other airlines on the market that it is worth putting the Hungarian capital on their list of destinations.”

Based on their business data in the first six months of 2010, American Airlines is the fourth largest airline in the world, which, together with its American subsidiary, American Eagle, serves 250 destinations with a huge fleet of 851 aircraft. The base of the company is at Forth Worth, Texas, which is the eighth busiest airport globally (with 56 million passengers in 2009), but it also has important centers at JFK New York, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles and Miami. Besides their inland flights in the US, American Airlines is traditionally very strong in the Caribbean and the Latin-American regions.

Cancellation updates from Ferihegy

Not long ago we always had to write about “strike at Ferihegy Airport” and all the problems this caused. Luckily no strikes are coming up nowadays, but there are problems with this vulcano again, which seems to be a returning problem all around Europe.

It is not to serious this time either, but today flights to London has been cancelled from Budapest Airport. There are some more problems around in Europe, especially in the Benelux area (Amsterdam Airport was closed for arrivals), but if the cloud keeps moving south, or to the east, more trouble might come.

So far only one flight is cancelled tomorrow from Budapest (15:30 to London), but time will show, and we will keep you updated!

Budapest News

Ferihegy Airport runs smoothly

Some new ash from the vulcano at Iceland is causing problems again at some airports around in Europe, especially from the northern parts of Italy (like Milano) to Munich in Germany. All flights from Budapest Ferihegy Airport runs as normal, except from departures to those areas mentioned above. So far, so good – and let us hope that it will stay that way in the nearest days and weeks and months as well!

We will stay updated, so in case something should happen, we will keep our readers up to date!

If you are in Budapest, why not visit a Budapest restaurant for a nice dinner today?

Flight cancellations

In Norway domestic flights are back up running, but the weather forecasts makes it possible that from this evening on all flights will be cancelled again. In Hungary and in Budapest cancelled is the word to get used to. The homepage of Budapest Airpot (which is almost impossible to reach due to heavy traffic) now tells that all flights until 12.00 today are cancelled, and after that there are several cancellations as well. Flights heading south from Budapest are still not cancelled this afternoon, and some other flights are not cancelled yet, but stay updated and check out for the most recent updates.

If you need to travel away from Budapest we recommend the use of Orangeways which is fairly cheap and offers excellent service to travellers. Outside their normal international routes they arranged a bus travelling from Budapest to Vienna, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Saarbrucken, Metz, Reims and Paris. I am not sure if they will repeat that trip, but check out their homepages for more information.

We wrote Saturday an article called “Stuck in Holland“, and yes, now we are stuck in Holland. Our flight home today is cancelled, but we have already bought bustickets, so tomorrow we will leave back to Budapest by bus!

Heavy snow expected

Last Saturday Ferihegy Airport had to be closed down for some hours due to heavy snow and bad weather in Budapest. Starting from this evening heavy snow and cold weather is again expected in Budapest and all of Hungary, so it might be that things will be delayed tomorrow. The weather is expected to last until Sunday evening.

In addition there will probably be lots of snow everywhere, so tomorrow might be a day to spend in a day spa or somewhere else.

Enjoy life and enjoy Budapest in any case!

Current weather in Budapest

Transportation strike is over

And then the public transportation strike in Budapest was over, for this time. The buses are polluting the city again, the trams are following their normal schedules and the people of Budapest can easier get to their jobs than last week. Well, if the buses are able to drive. It has been snowing and it is quite cold, so often that causes great problems for the drivers and the buses!

At least it is over! So that was it for this time. There is a small strike on the Ferihegy Airport as well, but that is not expected to cause any further delays!

Train strike from midnight (October 18) – FINISHED

Train strike in Hungary
Train strike in Hungary

It has been a long time since we have been reporting about strikes in Budapest. There was a period in the end of 2008 and in the start of 2009 when there were continues strikes at the Ferihegy Airport, but since then things have improved a little. But now the train workers are unsatisfied (again), so from midnight (October 19, 00.00) most people will start striking which means that most trains will be standing still tomorrow morning and on for an unknown amount of time.

For train information check out the link, but I guess those planning to use train tomorrow should find out something else to do. This means that the train leaving from Ferihegy Airport to the inner city will be very insecure tomorrow, so why not choose an airport transfer instead?

Railway strike information update (October 19 – 9.53)
Its now 9.53 AM, October 19, and I read in some newspapers that there are heavy delays and big problems for those wanting to use the railway in Hungary. But, it is also said that more and more people is returning to their jobs, so it might be that things will smoothen out a bit more during the day.

Railway strike information update (October 19 – 13:43)
I just read that the strike is finished, and that all railway traffic should return to its normal way and schedules within some hours!

Just some more Budapest Pictures

Yet another time I just brought my camera as I walked around in Budapest (of course working with tourists), and below you can see some of the Budapest pictures. None of them are extraordinary, but they will still give a little feeling of what Budapest is like for those who have never been around in the capital of Hungary before.

On the pictures you can see the Matthias Church, the Fishermens Bastion, the Hungarian Parliament (all nice Budapest attractions) and the Ferihegy Airport (not so much of an attraction, but probably more people visit the airport than any other Budapest attraction, so its kind of nice to add a picture of the airport as well).

Seven Budapest pictures

Airport transfers in Budapest

Airport transfer Budapest
Airport transfer Budapest

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Whether you arrive to Ferihegy 1 or Ferihegy 2A or 2B we can offer the same prices and good service. It is also very popular with the offer of combining it with a guided tour, especially if you arrive early in the day. Why? Because you are not allowed to check into your hotel that early, so then you can join us directly on a guided tour where you will be served some drinks and some snacks – and after 2 1/2 hour you will be dropped of safely by your hotel, ready for check-in – and hopefully allowed to check-in as well!