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on body and soul oscar

Can a Hungarian movie win an Oscar again?

Two years ago the movie Son of Saul won an Oscar as the Best Foreign Movie. This year another Hungarian movie is nominated for the same price, On Body and Soul.   In order to win an Oscar for Best Foreign movie, it needs to be in some other language than English. So, if you […]

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star wars the last jedi budapest

Star Wars. The Last Jedi premiere in Budapest today!

Are you a Star Wars fan in Budapest? Had you already ordered your tickets to Budapest, and then discovered that you would miss out on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere at home? What can be done? Is there any place to watch the movie in English? The cinemas in Budapest are showing Star […]

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Son of Saul online

Watch the Oscar Awarded Son of Saul online

We are a Budapest Guide and we cheer for everything in and from Hungary. Currently we cheer a lot of the Hungarians participating in the Summer Olympics in Rio. A few months ago we cheered for the film Son of Saul as it was given an Academy Award during the annual show in February. Now […]

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Castle of Buda

Lots of Budapest in Strike Back season 1 episode 10

We love Budapest in films and TV series and if you want to see a lot of Budapest then Strike Back season 1 and episode 10 is perfect to watch for you. Strike Back is an action TV series, quite similar to 24 and it also reminds us a bit of NCIS: Los Angeles. In […]

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Star Wars in Budapest

Star Wars coming to Budapest tomorrow

It is almost bigger than Christmas… Star Wars is coming to town. Tomorrow it is time for the premiere of the film in Hungary and just after midnight tomorrow (meaning early Friday morning) the biggest fans will be able to see Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. In other words, a few minutes […]

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Spy Budapest cinemas

Budapest on cinemas again – SPY

Are you ready for some fun and a movie filmed in Budapest? Then you better set your nose in the direction of the nearest cinema and get ready for some action, because Jason Statham, Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy are just about to show some real Budapest action in the film named Spy. The film […]

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Identity Thief in Budapest cinemas

Last Thursday Identity Thief had its premiere in Budapest cinemas. This is a comedy which has the potential in it to bring a smile to your face, so if you are ready to laugh and to relax for 110 minutes, you could consider watching this film. Recently we have written about films such as the Hobbit, James […]

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Palace Cinemas almost history

For those really following the news in Budapest and Hungary this is old news, but for the rest of us this is still “hot” news. It all started when we could not buy the Palace Cinemas “cinema-card” last weekend in Campona. We did not understand why, but said “okay” and “no problem”. Then yesterday as […]

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Inception in Budapest cinemas

Last Thursday was the premiere day for Christopher Nolans new film Inception in Budapest cinemas. In the main roles you find Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Berenger and Michael Caine. I must admit that this was a film I did not really want to see, as the trailer did […]

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VIP-cinema in Budapest

Yesterday I visited a VIP-cinema in Budapest for the first time in my life. I got to see Ice Age in 3D while sitting in a very comfortable chair. But before I entered into the room to see the film I could enjoy some other advantages of my VIP ticket as well. A small buffee […]

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