New Years Eve in Hotel Gellert 2012

New Years Eve in Gellert Hotel BudapestIf you dreamt about a real New Year’s Eve party in Budapest, don’t search more! Your place is in the Hotel Gellert, where everybody is invited for a delicious Hungarian dinner.

The historical hotel at the bank of the river Danube is inviting everybody with a lot of love to their New Year’s Eve party and banquet. Guests can choose anything from a large buffet of Hungarian dishes, or can choose the VIP or Super VIP pack to celebrate the start of the New Year in the most perfect mode.

We offer this experience to everybody; it makes no differences if you are foreigner or Hungarian. The visitors arriving from the other countries can see how is the New Year’s Eve night with Hungarian dishes and Hungarian artists, obviously in Hungary.

Gate opening is Monday, 31 December 2012, 19 PM in the Hotel Gellert. The dinner will start at 20 PM and at the midnight we celebrate the start of the New Year with champagne and the Hungarian Anthem.
We can anticipate to Hungarian artists, for example Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki, tombola with valuable prizes, retro disco and a surprise guest.

More informations:
1111 Bp., Szent Gellért tér 1.

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When does the last bus leave from Budapest Airport in the night?

I will arrive to Budapest Airport around 23.30 and wonder how to get to the city center? When does the last public transportation bus leave from the airport?

Public transportation from Budapest AirportThank you for the question! The last bus (200E) that leaves from the airport to Köbánya Kispest (where you can change to the metro) leaves from Budapest Airport at 22.52 every night. That is quite early, but this is timed in such a way that you will get to Köbánya Kispest just in time to reach the last metro leaving from there at 23.15 (if the bus is a bit delayed you will though not reach the last metro).

In your case this means that you will not reach the last bus and be able to use public transportation with such a late arrival. You could therefore consider a private airport transfer, or the usage of the official Airport Taxi or a minibus shuttle at the airport. The usage of the minibus shuttle is probably the cheapest, but then you will not be able to leave the airport at once, but you will have to wait for a while for a group to come together, and only then you will leave the airport, which is not the best, at least not when you are tired and want to get to your hotel in a hurry!

Enjoy your stay!

Christmas in Budapest 2012

In ten days people all around the world celebrate Christmas eve. The same is true in Budapest. What is going on in Budapest during Christmas? Here comes information about programs, activities and other Christmas activities in Budapest.

Christmas in Budapest 2012If you want to visit a museum while in Budapest, most museums are open on December 22nd and 23rd. On December 24th and 25th the museums are closed and then they open their doors again from December 26th.

Most restaurants are closed on December 24th, and many also on December 25th and December 26th. There are though some exceptions and you can find more information about restaurants in Budapest open during Christmas time at this page.

Shops are open until 13.00 or 14.00 on December 24th and then they are closed until December 27th (most shops open 10.00 on December 27th).

The popular baths of Budapest are open every day during Christmas. The Szechenyi bath is open from 6.00 until 14.00 on Christmas eve. It will be open from 10.00-18.00 on December 25th and from early morning until 20.00 on December 26th.

The public transportation will be up and running as normal during Christmas time. Most hotels have open restaurants during Christmas, so if you have nowhere else to dine, eat in your hotel!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

If you know someone who is going to Paris for Christmas or New Years Eve you can find useful information about programs, restaurants and activities there in the Paris Guide.

Where can I watch Hungarian X-Factor online?

I watched some episodes of Hungarian X-Factor while in Hungary on RTL Klub. I would like to keep watching from home. Can you please tell me where I can watch the shows online?

Thank you for the question! The last two episodes of the Hungarian X-Factor in 2012 will be broadcasted tomorrow and on Sunday, so if you want to watch them, you better prepare. It is not at all hard to see the Hungarian X-Factor online. Unfortunately you can not see it live, but RTL Klub very quickly publishes the broadcast, so with 40-50 minute delay you can watch the entire broadcast online. If you want to check it out, you can visit the following page: X Faktor Hungary

As you go there just click the link of the show you would like to see. The Hungarian “Megnézem” means that I want to see it. Just click the link and after some commercials the show will start.

If you are a big X-Factor fan and would like to stay up to date on what is happening in the UK X-Factor as well, then you can watch their broadcasts online on ITV. More information about how to watch ITV online from outside the UK can be found in the article referred to. Enjoy the show, enjoy the stars and go Olah Gergo (our favorite to win the Hungarian X-Factor in 2012)!

X Faktor jury of Hungary
X Faktor jury of Hungary

Paul Cézanne exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts

Great Britian, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary. What is similar between these European countries? The answer is culture and art.

Cezanne and the Past in Museum of Fine Arts in BudapestPaul Cézanne, french pictor was born in 1839. He was one of the most famous artists who changed radically the post-impressionism before the modern art age. He said: “I want to make of impressionism something solid and lasting like the art in the museums”. He regularly visited the museum in the small rural town of Aix-en-Provence, and the Musée du Louvre in Paris, while his own collection of his favorite artist served as constant sources of inspiration for his art.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest is going to be one of the most famous museums of the world, witch can give a home for Cézanne’s art.

The various exhibition give an experience of the master’s oeuvre to the visitors. If you want to know, why people called Hungary the Paris of East-Europe, visit the ’Cézanne and the Past’ exhibition between 26 October 2012 and 17 February 2013, so you can get an unforgettable experience.

You can get more information about the exhibition on the official homepage of the museum, buy ticket in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest (address: 1146 Budapest  Dózsa György út 41, phone: 0036 1 469-7100) or order tickets through Jegymester.

Cezanne and the Past
Museum of Fine Arts
October 26th, 2012 – February 17th, 2013

No traffic at Budapest Airport until tomorrow morning!

A message has just been sent out from Budapest Airport containing the following information:

“The relevant services are making every effort to repair the electrical problem in the control tower at No traffic at Budapest Airport at the momentBudapest Airport. Ensuring the reliable operation of the equipment in the tower, guaranteeing the safety of aviation, is of the utmost importance. Consequently, Budapest Airport will remain closed, and will not launch or receive flights, until midnight tonight. At the moment the plan is for traffic to resume at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday 8 December, but this could still be subject to change.

Passengers who hold bookings for flights due to depart this afternoon or tonight are advised not to come to the airport, but to contact their airline. The airlines and Budapest Airport are making efforts to take care of passengers who are already at the airport.”

We have already transported people today back to the town who could not leave Budapest. Check with your airline to get further information on this, and enjoy your extra time in Budapest as good as possible!

Does senior citizens travel free on public transportation in Budapest?

Pensioners on public transportation in BudapestI have seen on another website that Hungarian citizens and citizens of the European union over 65 years travel free of charges in the transportation network of Budapest? Is that truly so?

Thank you for the question. The answer to your question is yes. People aged 65 or more travel free of charge with the public transportation in Budapest as long as they have a passport confirming their age. But, it is not enough that the passport confirms their age, it also needs to show that the person traveling comes from an EU nation or an EEA nation. If your passport confirms your age above 65 and home country (within the EU or EEA), then you can use the public transportation system in Budapest for free.

This question was originally answered in 2012, but as of August 29th in 2017 the answer remains the same. Let us all hope the answer will not change in the near future.

Does pensioners travels free in Budapest?
Do pensioners travel free in Budapest with public transportation?

If you have further comments or questions related to this, please use the comment field beneath.

What museums are open in Budapest during Christmas?

I am going to Budapest from December 22nd – December 28th. I wonder what museums can be visited during this period?

Museums during Christmas in BudapestWe do not have a full list of museums open in this period, but here you can find some general information which will hopefully help you. What we can tell is this general information:

General museum information
Most museums are open on December 22nd and 23rd.
Most museums are closed on December 24th and 25th.
Most museums reopen on December 26th, though some with only temporary exhibitions available.

Some museums who follow this pattern:
Museum of Fine Arts
Hungarian National Museum
National Gallery

Just for your information:
Most museums are closed on December 31st, but most of them are open on January 1st again.

Budapest in January

Maybe the month of the year with the least tourists in Budapest January is a challenging time for everyone working and living of tourism. For some times is the time to gain strength and inspiration while relaxing, but for others this is the time fighting to get bread on the table. Still, there are some great advices waiting for you as you read this article dealing with Budapest in January. Read on, and find out more about the weather in January, about cool activities, things worth doing and other useful info.

Weather in January in Budapest

January is a quite cold month, maybe the coldest of all months in Budapest. The month has an average temperature around -1 Celsius, but the most extreme temperature measured in Budapest in this month was -25,6 Celsius. The warmest temperature was more than 15 Celsius, so there is a quite large diversity in the temperatures. But, in general the temperature should be somewhere beneath 0. This temperature is quite nice, but in case of heavy wind you should be prepared with a nice scarf, warm jacket, good shoes and something to cover your ears.

Is there any snow in Budapest in January? In general the answer is no, but snow can fall from time to time. In those cases it general goes away within a day or two. It is not a coincidence that Hungary is not known for the winter sport skills… they have nowhere to practice!

What to do in January in Budapest?

After an amazing December month with Christmas markets and lots of activities in all of Budapest January feels quite empty. But there are certain activities waiting for you in this month as well, and here are some of the things we would recommend to do if we were to visit Budapest as tourists in January.

Guided tour

A guided tour in Budapest is a great investment and it is something that will give you lots of knowledge about the city that you did not know before. But, due to the large distances in Budapest and also the climate, all guided tours in Budapest in January should be arranged using a private car or a bus. A private tour is probably better because then you are controlling it yourself, which means that you do not need to wait outside for 30 minutes for the next hop on-hop off bus dropping by and so on.

Hot springs and relaxing massage
Hot springs in Budapest in January

When it is cold outside it is so nice to enjoy a hot thermal bath and of course a luxury massage. You can combine a visit to the Szechenyi Furdo or the Gellert Furdo with some kind of treatment, or you could find a private SPA somewhere specializing on relaxing treatments. Many hotels offer such services, but do not forget that the nicer hotels take much higher prices for these services than if you decide to visit a private SPA somewhere else in Budapest. If you want a nice treatment combined with hot springs in either Gellert or the Szechenzi bath, you can book such activities here.

Listen to Opera

January is a perfect month for music lovers to visit the Hungarian State Opera. This beautiful building from 1884 offer daily programs in this month of the year (almost) and if you do not like Opera you can still enjoy the delicious wine served in the bar while gazing around inside the beautiful building. You can even imagine what it felt like as several scenes to the famous film Evita was recorded here with Madonna as the main actress!

Go ice skating

The wonderful ice skating rink in the City Park of Budapest is one of the top activities available in January. You do not need to bring ice skates, so get on the second oldest metro in Europe (the yellow), travel to Heroes Square and walk to the entrance of the ice skating rink from there. As you pay the entrance fee you can also rent a pair of skates, and in not long time you will be able to go ice skating with nice background music in the surroundings of the Vajdahunyad castle. Tickets to the ice skating rink cost between 1200-1400 HUF per person (cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays). Renting of skates come in addition to the entrance fee. The place is normally closed between 14.00 and 16.00 every day. Our recommendation is to go in the evening, because it is so nice and romantic in the evening!

Other pieces of advice

All across the world January is a month of shopping. Many stores have great sales after Christmas, and so it is in Budapest. Mostly wherever you go you will find signs telling of great discounts, or „akció” as we would say in Hungary. While walking around shopping you can mingle with the locals in any pub along the street. On a cold day the Hungarians love to taste and drink some Palinka (fruit spirit), it will for sure bring some warmth to your inner man.

If you want to enjoy some fresh air and maybe to play in the snow (on one of those few snowy days), then you should travel to Zugliget from Szell Kalman square (former Moszkva tér) with bus 158 or from Nyugati Pályaudvar with bus 291. As you reach your destination you can take a very enjoyable chair lift lasting 12 minutes with very nice view. On the top you can walk to the Elizabeth lookout tower and enjoy the view and take some nice photos. The return ticket with the chair lift cost about 1300 HUF per person.

If you plan on visiting Szentendre in January it is worth knowing that some shops there are closed in January. Still, most of the time is awake and well, so this should not make you cancel the tour, but it is nice to be prepared!

Where to live in Budapest in January?

When coming in January you might spend some time inside your hotel, so why not go for a classy and cheap five star hotel in Budapest in January? Since January is a poor month for tourism most hotels offer great rooms at very love prices, so you will seldom fine cheaper hotels in Budapest than in January. In the following article you can find good advices on great five star hotels with good location, ideal for Budapest in January.

Have you been to Budapest in January? What did you do? Do you have anything to recommend our readers coming to the Hungarian capital in the coldest month of the year?

Report from Christmas markets in Budapest 2012

We are in the middle of the Christmas market season in Budapest and it is easy to see that Budapest is filled up with people coming to visit the traditional Christmas markets. This kind of tourism is booming and it for sure brings some light into a rather dark season in lots of cities throughout Europe. As you keep on reading you will see lots of Christmas market pictures and read some information about the different markets! If you only want the pictures and one video, the scroll towards the bottom of the article, because that is where you can find the goodies!

The most famous Christmas market in Budapest is located at Vörösmarty square. This is the nicest one and it really brings Christmas to the people visiting. This year they have two stages, meaning you can see and hear programs at both ends of the square and lots of stands where you can buy handmade objects and of course lots of food. Our favorite is the Chimney cake, so do not miss out on it if you visit the market. Every evening a new “window” is opened on the wall of Gerbeaud and the square has a total feeling of Christmas, especially now that the trees are decorated as well (thank you Vienna for that idea)! This is probably my personal favorite, but why visit only one market when coming to Budapest?

Another market is located in front of St. Stephens Basilica and hit has an ice skating rink and quite a lot of stands for shopping and of course food of different kinds. The objects on sale are quite similar on all markets, but the atmosphere is still different. This market looks super in the evenings covered in the lights from the basilica, from the ice skating rink and from the decorations on the square. Do not miss out on this one either as you come to Budapest.

A third market is located at the Main square (Fő tér) in Budapest. This one is located by the Árpád bridge, so quite far outside the city center, but if you somehow have ended up in Ramada Plaza (hotel) or some other hotel near this area, then you should visit this. If you also feel fed up with the sound of thousands of tourist, then this is a market to visit, as this is almost 100% visited by locals. This market also has an ice skating rink and quite a lot of live shows every day from the stage. Just take a look at this clip featuring maybe the best a cappella band in Hungary (recorded last Sunday).

The wonderful thing with Budapest is that the city has lots of wonderful locations, buildings and square. So if you like the other markets, then why not go visit the City Park and enjoy the new Christmas market by the Vajdahunyad castle. The castle in itself is a majestic fairy tale palace with amazing architecture and you can just imagine the atmosphere when they add a Christmas fair to this area? Check it out yourself!

Another market is at the Franz Liszt square. If you want to combine the Christmas market with some nice food in one of the restaurants at the square and a nice mixture of locals and tourists, then this is the place. I have not personally been at this market in 2012 so far, but this is a traditional market so it has the same stuff as elsewhere, in a very nice environment.

For more information on the different Christmas markets, read our Christmas markets in Budapest article! But, now it is time for quite a lot of pictures from the different markets.

Pictures from Christmas markets in Budapest

Do you have a favorite Christmas market in Budapest? Write a comment and share your thoughts on the Christmas markets in Budapest!