I have been to Comics Shottail Bar

Thursdag evening my wife’s little sister celebrated her birthday in a brand new place near the Great Synagogue in Dohány utca. The name of the place is Comics Shottail Bar and it is a place full of drinks named after action heroes and with comic strips on the walls everywhere around.

To get into the Comics Shottail Bar we had to walk down quite some steps before we reached the basement where the bar is located. Some people have walked down hoping to find some sort of comics store, but this is not the place to buy comic books. The Shottail bar is the place to go for those wanting to drink interesting cocktails and drinks mixed up with different ingredients and interesting mixes.

On the menu in the shottail bar you can for example find Wolverine. This drink is made of Absolut Vodka, Creme de Menthe liqueur, lime and sugar sirup. If you are a fan of Smallville you can drink another specialty of the house made up of Absolut Vodka, Sour Apple liqueur, lime and sugar sirup. The menu is made up of similar „strange” drinks, so if you want to taste the drink called Joker, you will get a mixture of Bubble gum sirup and Tuborg green in your glass. For carpenters who miss their tools they can order a Screwdriver, and this contains Absolut Vodka and orange juice.

The list of drinks and shots and cocktails in the bar is a long one. What I did miss on the menu was though some small snacks or something to eat. If I am supposed to spend an evening in a place it would be great to be able to get a small snack, either some peanuts, a hot sandwich or something similar.

Comics Shottail Bar looks good, feels good and has a large inner space. If you want to spend one evening in Budapest drinking a lot and tasting lots and lots of different drinks, then this place is for sure a winner. But, if you want to drink in an authentic place or a so called ruin pub, then why not visit Szimpla Budapest instead?

Vinowonka – Chocolate and Wine Bar

With the Corvin shopping center and the entire Corvin project in the eight district of Budapest this area has been changed totally. Where there were just ruined buildings some years ago we can now find brand new buildings, a shopping mall and some nice restaurants and bars. By a coincidence I dropped by Vinowonka – Chocolate and Wine Bar last Saturday and here are my thoughts!

One should of course do some research before writing an article about a place. Therefore I visited the homepage of Vinowonka to see what they write of themselves. The first sentences I meet are the following: “VinoWonka opened at the end of May 2011.  It is in the 9th district of Budapest, just off the famous Ráday restaurant street. ” I am not so familiar with the history of VinoWonka, but the details dealing with the location of the place are all quite wrong. First of all the place is not in the ninth district of Budapest, but in the eigth. Secondly this is quite far from the famous Ráday street. Not too far, but on foot you should at least prepare to walk for 5-10 minutes to get to VinoWonka. These are of course just small details, but thought I should mention them.

Ps: I just realized that the information mentioned earlier about the location of Vinowonka on the webpage is only wrong in the English version. The Hungarian version is up to date and contains correct information.

I sat down with a good friend of mine to talk about life, blogging, Budapest, politics and whatsoever and we ordered wine, cocoa, a lemonade and some cinnamon rolls. We came “quite early” so as we arrived they were currently writing the information about the wines available to the blackboard (there is no menu as the wines available keep changing). The waitress came over and helped us quickly and we got what we asked for. The service was good and they were helpful and smiling and did their best to give us whatever we requested. We did of course not taste to much, but our impression was that the quality of the wines was very good. The price level is as it normally is on wine bars… meaning that you have to pay between 250-600 HUF per dl of wine. If you like what you taste you can of course buy an entire bottle with you home afterwards!

If you live in a hotel nearby you could also consider have your breakfast in Vinowonka. They have different things to offer and the prices are average. For those living in the central parts of Budapest this is probably not a place to visit, but for those somehow walking by this area or if you are living in Bo18 Superior Hotel, Fraser Residence, Corvin Hotel, Hotel City Inn, Hotel Sissi or similar hotels in this area, then you should for sure consider to drop by Vinowonka to taste some nice Hungarian wine and eat some chocolate.

I should probably mention that the cinnamon rolls, the cocoa and the lemonade all tasted great, so keep up the good work making the eight district of Budapest a great place to be!

PS: the quality of the pictures are really bad. I did not really plan to visit a place I had never been before (and thus write an article about it), so all pictures where made with the rather poor camera on my mobile phone.

BorBar or Vinowonka as seen from the outside

Fresco Café at Franz Liszt square

Not long ago I got the chance to grab some pizzas in Fresco Liszt Cafe located at the Liszt Ferenc tér (Franz Liszt square) in Budapest. This square is one of the most popular places to grab a bite to eat in Budapest and with the Christmas market located at the square at the moment it gets even more crowded.

Fresco Budapest with good international food

On a nice summer day Fresco Café has a nice outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy your food while enjoying the beauty of the square, watching people run to their trams, buses and metros, listen to singing birds and maybe feel the smell of some delicious food in the making. As we visited Fresco it was -5 Celsius outside, so we moved on to the inside of Fresco to grab something to eat there. The interior of the restaurant is in fact very big, and it looks and feels good. This is a nice place to drink a hot chocolate and enjoy a chat with your best friend, and this is also a place to fill your stomach with some more serious stuff.

On the menu in Fresco Café you can find traditional Goulash soup (990 HUF), Caesar Salad with Chicken (1890 HUF), Wiener Schnitzel (2390 HUF), Rib Eye steak (5900 HUF), Beef fajitas with four kinds of salsa (3890 HUF), Beef stewed in red wine with butter dumplings (2550 HUF), Brownie with vanillia ice cream (950 HUF) and much more. This is a perfect place for families, because everyone can find something they like and if you long for a pizza they have quite a lot of those on the menu as well varying between 1500-2000 HUF.

We ate two different pizzas as we visited Fresco, one with ham and mushroom and the other one a traditional Hungarian with some spicy paprika, onion, salami and mushroom. The pizzas were large, so if you are not a big eater, then you can safely order one pizza for two persons. They tasted good and we were completely satisfied. I am not sure if this is normal or not, but when we visited Fresco they even had an offer saying that you got the second pizza at half price if you ordered two of them, so that was nice. All in all we paid less than 4000 HUF for two pizzas and two drink, and then the service fee was already included on the bill (they automatically add 12%). Not bad at all 🙂

If you walk around at the Christmas market at the Franz Liszt square, why not make a stop at Fresco? Good food, average prices, smiley service and good location!

Fresco Liszt Café & Lounge

1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 10.
Tel: (+36) 1 411-0915
Open: Monday – Sunday from 12.00-24.00

Private transfer from Budapest to Belgrade?

Is there any company offering private transport from Budapest to Belgrade? How far is the travel distance and how much does does it take?

transfer to belgrade from BudapestFirst of all, thank you for the question. We can help you out with a private transfer from Budapest to Belgrade (and back) if that is requested. The distance from Budapest to Belgrade is 380km if you go on the shortest possible way. In time this should take 5 hours, but do not be surprised if it takes a bit more. This route goes towards Szeged in Hungary and from there you go across the border of Serbia, travel towards Novi Sad and from there towards Belgrade.

If you want such a transfer from us the price for two persons 115,000 HUF. All fees are included in this transfer. This is for one way. If return is required on the same day that can be arranged for a bit higher cost. If return transfer is on another time then the price will be the same for the return transfer as for the transfer to Belgrade. Contact us if you want this service!


Pig slaughtering on December 8th

Pig slaughtering on December 8th
Pig slaughtering on December 8th

A very traditional Hungarian program in December, January and February on cold days is pig slaughtering. It might sound cruel, but for many this is a big celebration as they throughout the day prepare sausage, ham and lots of other stuff and eat traditional pig slaughtering food throughout the day. At the end of the day the fill up their freezers with the meat prepared during the day.

We hereby invite you to come and see how this takes place and to eat the food together with a mixture of other tourists and locals!

The program is as follows:

5.00 – Slaughtering of the pig (we are still sleeping then)

8.00 – Pick up at your hotel and transportation to the farm where the program takes place

9.30 – Arrival at the farm and breakfast time
The breakfast is a real farm breakfast with ham, meat and lots of delicious stuff. After the breakfast you are free to help out with the work on the slaughtered pig, or simply relax in the farm building. A small wine tasting will also be added to the program between breakfast and lunch.

13.00 – Lunchtime (with food you will not get served in your Budapest hotel)
After the lunch you can either stay at the farm and help out with the work, or you can join in on a small excursion to the nice town Kecskemet not far from the farm. The transportation is included in the price in case you want the excursion.

18.00 – Dinner time (eat some of the food that has been prepared during the day)
After the dinner you can buy meat, salami and ham to bring with you home. After the shopping we get back on the bus and travel back to Budapest.

Would you like to join us on this? The program will take place once only and that date is December 8th. The price is 20,000 HUF per person which includes transportation, 3 meals and a small wine tasting. If you want to join, contact us and inform us about amount of persons, a mobile number and the name of your hotel in Budapest. We will get back to you with further information as soon as we receive your message.

Merry Christmas and look forward to hearing from you!

Is Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest far from city centre of Budapest?

Thank you for the question. Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest is located not far from the city centre of Budapest and Vaci utca. The hotel has a beautiful location by the Liberty square of Budapest, which is a quiet, but beautiful spot in Budapest. The distance from the hotel to Vörösmarty square where you can find for example Hard Rock Cafe, Gerbeaud and lots of shopping places is less than 1km. According to Google maps this is only 800 metres, which can be made on foot easily in less than 10 minutes.

Along the way you will find lots of nice restaurants like Tom George, clubs such as Ötkert and enjoy the view towards the Saint Stephens Basilica as you walk across the Zrinyi utca.

Enjoy Budapest and hope this answer was good for you!

What is the fastest way to come to Budapest from Vienna International Airport?

Vienna International AirportThank you for the question! There are quite a lot of ways to get to Budapest from Vienna International Airport. I guess it is important to get to Budapest as soon as possible since you write fast. We will still write some different solutions and in the descriptions we will describe whether we believe it is a fast or a slow solution, and the pros and cons with the different options.

1) Bus with Orangeways
Orangeways have a great bus service and the prices are very good. Normally one person from Vienna International Airport to Budapest will cost about 3500 HUF, which is close to nothing for this distance. The pro is that the bus stops at the airport and will take you to Budapest in an easy and quick way without many stops before arriving to Budapest. The negative is the fact that the bus only departs 4-5 times a day, meaning that you might have to wait for a while before your bus actually leaves. More information at orangeways.com

2) Bus with Eurolines
Eurolines is another option if you want to travel directly with bus from Vienna Airport to Budapest. They are a bit more expensive, but their buses leave at different times than the Orangeways buses, so you could choose the company with the departure time best for you. More information at eurolines.com

3) Train to Vienna and from Vienna to Budapest
This is a slower version because you will first have to travel to the center of Vienna and then from there to Budapest. This is for sure also the most expensive version, but if you prefer train to bus, you could consider this. The City Airport Train costs 12 Euro (the same as the bus ticket with Orangeways to Budapest) and takes you to Vienna in about 15 minutes. There you will need to get to the right railway station (using for example public transportation) and travel from there to Budapest with train.

4) Private transfer
There are quite some companies arranging private transfers between Vienna Airport and Budapest. These cost more, but they are the most efficient way to arrange this transfer if you are willing to pay for it. If you want this you can contact us and we will send a driver for you. Parts of the payment needs to be done beforehand. The price for such a transfer for two persons is 70,000 HUF, for three persons 75,000 HUF and keeps increasing with amount of persons. If you want this, write us an email!

We hope these answers will help you and wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest! For more information about Vienna, why not visit the Vienna Guide?

Should I stay in Buda or in Pest?

I’ll come to Budapest the 4th of December, with my baby and my husband, will stay 4 nights. I want to know what is better to take an hotel in the part buda or pest? Can you advice me an hotel?

Where to live? Pest or Buda?Thank you for the question. Our short answer to your question is that Pest is the ideal place to live as a tourist, but it is important to live in the central part of Pest, and not somewhere far away from the city centre. Buda is much more quiet area, more hills and somehow nicer, but Pest is the are with shopping, most museums, restaurants and activities, so therefore Pest is the best side to stay at. A much longer article on the subject can be found here.

Our hotel recommendations for this period would be to stay in one of these hotels
Kempinski (5 stars)
Eurostars Budapest Center (4 stars)
Hotel Erzsebet (3 stars)

Good luck and enjoy your stay in Budapest!

Is there a post office at Budapest Airport?

Is there a post office at Budapest Airport? If yes, where can I find it and what are the opening times?

Post office at Budapest AirportThank you for the question. First of all, there is a postal office at Budapest Airport, at Terminal 2A. Earlier it was a post office at Terminal 1 as well, but since the terminal was closed down earlier in 2012 that is no longer operative. If you want to visit the post office it is open from Monday till Friday from 8.00-12.00 and from 12.30-15.30. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

This information is correct as of November 14th, 2012, but in the future this might change (opening times etc), so if you notice that this information is no longer correct, please write a comment!

Can we buy a card of transport for 1 week (hetijegy) on the Internet?

Can we buy a card of transport for 1 week (hetijegy) on the Internet?Thank you for the question. Unfortunately this ticket can not be bought online. The only thing you can buy online which also works for public transportation is the Budapest Card, but in most situations you will only receive this once you arrive to your hotel (you buy it online and then the company will deliver them to your hotel so they will wait for you there as you arrive). If you want more information and order the Budapest Card, you can do so here. The one week transportation card can only be bought at larger metro stations around in Budapest.

You will find several other similar questions and answers here.

Ask your Budapest question!