P.O.D. Budapest 2011

P.O.D. Budapest
P.O.D. Budapest
The very popular American band P.O.D. will come to Budapest June 8th, 2011, to perform at A38. The concert boad will probably be packed as P.O.D. is a very popular band all around the world, and maybe especially in Christian circles.  P.O.D. has released seven albumbs and sold more than 10 million cd-s worldwide, so they should for sure be able to fill A38 when they come to Budapest.

P.O.D. Budapest
June 8th, 2011
A38 Boat

Budapest concerts – Christian teaching

Planetshakers Budapest 2011

Planetshakers Budapest
Planetshakers Budapest
Planetshakers will return to Budapest in May 2011. They were here some years ago performing at the roof of WestEnd Citycenter, and already then the arrangers promised a new Planetshakers concert in Budapest within shortly. The time has arrived, and May 13th Planetshakers will again play their worship music in Petöfi Csarnok, concert starting at 19.00.

Planetshakers Budapest
May 13, 19.00
Petöfi Csarnok

Budapest events – Budapest church

Ticket information (mostly in Hungarian): www.ezazanap.hu

New flights from Budapest to New York and Edinburgh

For expats stranded in Budapest or other people in the capital of Hungary it can be nice to know that two new destinations can now be reached from Budapest. Jet2 has recently started their direct flights from Budapest to Edinburgh and since April 26th American Airlines has started direct flights from Budapest to New York.

So, if this sounds interesting, just fly and check out these new destinations!

If you should arrive in Budapest from Edinburgh, New York or maybe another destionation, why not let us take care of your airport transfer?

Read more about Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Europeum – New shopping centre in Budapest

Europeum shopping
Europeum shopping

Did you know that the name of the newest shopping centre in Budapest is Europeum? It isn’t a big one, but the location is better than most other centres in Budapest. Europeum is located at Blaha Lujza Tér, at the same spot as the old Népszabadság building was located. The grand opening was on April 14th, and it is a nice place to drop buy if you need to do some shopping, or just to check out what it’s like.

There are not many shops inside Europeum, but there is one giga-Müller store, H&M and some other nice shops, cafes and a hairdresser.

More information and from EuropeumShopping in Budapest

Easter in the light of 1001 candles

Beneath you can find information given from the Labyrinth of the Buda Castle concerning their special easter program:

Buda Castle Labyrinth
Buda Castle Labyrinth
Wandering in the maze lined with candles has become a tradition in the Labyrinth of Buda Castle on holidays. There are 1000 candles burning on the second day of Christmas, and 1001 candles on Easter Monday. One for a thousand.

Every year on Easter Monday between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. the mysterious halls and passages of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle can be wandered in the light of 1001 candles. There are little surprises hidden in the cave grottos: the Easter treasures of the Labyrinth.

The entrance fee is 600 HUF (children ticket) to everyone.

Labyrinth homepage – Buda Castle Labyrinth

Budapest Easter advices

Easter services in Saint Stephens Basilica
Easter services in Saint Stephens Basilica

Easter is here and larger and smaller groups use this holiday to visit Budapest. We have written a few advices to help you get the most out of your Easter here in Budapest.

1) Our guides still have spare time, so do not hesitate to contact us for a private guided tour
2) The Szechenyi Thermal Bath in the City park is open every day throughout Easter
3) Normal shops are closed Sunday and Monday, but open every other day.
4) Restaurants have normal opening times and our wineprograms are available every day
5) The nicest church in Budapest, Saint Stephens Basilica, has services Friday at 18.00, Saturday at 18.00, Sunday at 10.00, 12.00, 18.00, 19.30 and Monday at 8.00, 10.00, 12.00 and 18.00.

These were just some advices. We hope you found them useful and wish you some great days in Budapest. If you should need any help, just write us an email!

Half-price ticket to Budapest Palinka Festival

Palinka Festival 2011
Palinka Festival 2011
The annual festival named Budapest Palinka Festival is closing up, and if you hurry up you can actually buy a pass valid for the entire festival for the price of the one-day pass. This offer is valid for 16 more days, and can be bought from Bónusz Brigád, a Hungarian page offering great discounts on different programs, restaurants, spa-treatments and so on. You can read more about the Palinka Festival here, and if you would like to buy the cheaper ticket for the festival you can visit Bonusz Brigad here.

There is though one thing making this hard… it is only in Hungarian. You might want to try out using Google Translate and use some patience. But, try it out… push the red button the right side of the page titled “Megveszem”, meaning “I’ll buy it”, and keep on going from there. You will though need to register yourself and so on, so it will take some time and a whole lot of patience.

If you need some help with translations or other stuff, just write a comment and we will do our best to help you within shortly!

Budapest Palinka Festival

Budapest Palinka Festival 2011


The annual Budapest Palinka Festival will be arranged between May 5th and May 8th in 2011. This year the focus will be on Plum-palinka, but you can of course taste a whole lot of other Palinka’s as well if you visit the festival. The Palinka Festival will this year be arranged for the sixth time at the Hunyadi Court, in the Buda Castle area. This festival should not be confused with the annual Palinka and Sausage festival arranged every autumn, also in the area next to the Buda Castle.

More information about the Palinka festival can be found here.

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Let us book your dinner and get 50% discount on the taxi

Budapest is a large city and it can be quite nice to have a taxi bringing you to the restaurant as you go out for dinner. To help our visitors arrange with this, we have made the following offer:

Let us book a dinner for you in any of the restaurants below, and we will give you 50% discount on the taxi. This means that from 2-4 persons the taxi price is max 2500 HUF (in most cases 1500 HUF), while for groups between 5-8 persons the price will be max 3500 HUF (in most cases 2500 HUF). The price is calculated based on the location of your hotel, so if it is far outside the citycenter the higher price should be expected.

If you would like to arrange with the transportation to the restaurant, just write it in the comment field the name of your hotel and that you request a transfer as you reserve your table, and we will write pick-up time and final price of the transfer in the confirmation that we normally send within 24-48 hours.

This offer is valid for the following restaurants, and only for dinner reservations (where the meal starts after 18.00):
Pampas Steakhouse
Matyas Pince
Sir Lancelot

Check out our Table Reservation page.

Based on the curencies of today the prices mentioned in Forints are:
1500 HUF = 5,60 EURO
2500 HUF = 9,40 EURO
3500 HUF = 13,15 EURO

Large group in Budapest? We can help!

It has become quite normal, even for large groups, to do most of the arrangements of their stay in Budapest in their own hands. Doing so they save money and save time… as a local travel agency somewhere requires both money and time! We have also experienced this, and in quite some cases we have helped larges groups with different arrangements in Budapest.

For example earlier this month we helped a large Danish company with 150 employees visiting Budapest. During their stay they lived in Hotel Gellért, and our job was to arrange all their activities and spare time programs! This meant everything from wine excursion to Etyek, Danube Cruise with guide, Szentendre excursion, drinking programs, transportation and so on.

Another group with students had their airport transfers arranged and of course we helped them out with dinner reservations and pre-arranged menus in some restaurants.

These are just some of the things we can do and arrange. If you come with a larger (or smaller) group, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you!

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