P.O.D. Budapest 2011

The very popular American band P.O.D. will come to Budapest June 8th, 2011, to perform at A38. The concert boad will probably be packed as P.O.D. is a very popular band all around the world, and maybe especially in Christian circles.  P.O.D. has released seven albumbs and sold more than […]

Easter in the light of 1001 candles

Beneath you can find information given from the Labyrinth of the Buda Castle concerning their special easter program: Wandering in the maze lined with candles has become a tradition in the Labyrinth of Buda Castle on holidays. There are 1000 candles burning on the second day of Christmas, and 1001 […]

Large group in Budapest? We can help!

It has become quite normal, even for large groups, to do most of the arrangements of their stay in Budapest in their own hands. Doing so they save money and save time… as a local travel agency somewhere requires both money and time! We have also experienced this, and in […]