Netflix has arrived to Hungary

There has been news on the Internet telling that Netflix is getting closer to launching in Hungary, but it still caught us by surprise as Netflix launched on January 6th. In other words you do no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in Hungary, because if you visit Netflix you can start […]

Big evening for Hungarian football

Yesterday at exactly 22.40 shouts of joy could be heard from thousands of Hungarian homes and from more than 20,000 people present at the Groupama Arena. The Norwegian fans had already left the field, but the Hungarian players and the crowd remained at the stadium for a long time celebrating their qualification to a world […]

Christmas market at Vörösmarty square opening today

The Christmas market at Vörösmarty square had its grand opening today. In other words, the time for hot wine and delicious sausages and meat has returned. And, with the arrival of hot wine, sausages and stands at the Vörösmarty Square comes thousands of tourists! It might be that Hungarians are really happy about the opening […]

Migrants, tourists, Budapest

Hungary has again turned into a city crowded with TV cameras and journalists from all over the world because of the migrants flooding the nation. Luckily we are a Budapest Guide and our task is not to discuss politics, but we do get lots of questions from visitors wondering how the migrants will impact their […]

Two important days for Hungarian football

Yesterday we wrote about the upcoming wine festival, but if you are a football fan then something way more important is about to come up. We are speaking about two football matches which will give a strong pin point about whether Hungary is worthy of a spot in the Euro 2016 or not. The first […]

Wine festival coming up in nine days

It is only nine days left before the kick off for the annual Budapest Wine Festival arranged in the Castle Area. The event will take place from September 9th until September 13th and it is one of the biggest wine festivals in this region every single year. As you come to the festival you can […]

Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

The Formula 1 World Championship is back again and one of its stop will be Hungary. This is the 66th time that the world famous Formula 1 World Championship is held and Formula 1 is one of the oldest racing competition which was first held in 1913. At the world championship 10 teams and 20 […]